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Chinese typesetting for the WWW

This document contains a presentation of selected Chinese fonts suitable for webpages, along with brief descriptions and download URLs. Some URLs presented here link to fonts that are free to use for all purposes, some link to fonts that free to use for non- commercial purposes only, and some link to fonts that are commercially available only.

All Apple systems ship the PingFang font (six weights, simplified and traditional characters), and lets face it, it is not a terribly exciting font to work with if you are doing Chinese layout:
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Et spørsmål om tid

16. juni 2023

Omverdenen har tradisjonelt oppfattet at det eksisterer to leire i Taiwan-spørsmålet: de som håper på gjenforening av Taiwan-provinsen med resten av Kina og de som håper på selvstendighet for Taiwan. En nærmere analyse viser at det i virkeligheten eksisterer fire leire, ikke to, og at disse fire leirene igjen kan deles inn i to, men ikke de to som tradisjonelt oppfattes som for gjenforening og for uavhengighet. I denne analysen ser vi bort fra den ikke uvesentlige delen av Taiwans befolkning som ønsker seg et evig status quo, altså en evig uavklart situasjon.
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Ying Tzu 應子 (ca. 760-837)

12. juni 2023

Ying Tzu, a poet of the Ying Dynasty, mostly wrote contemplative verses that captured the emotions of human existence.

Ying Tzu was born into a scholarly family in the prosperous city of Chang'an, the capital of the Ying Dynasty. From a young age, he displayed a interest in literature and immersed himself in the classics of Chinese poetry, philosophy, and history.

Ying Tzu's verses were deeply influenced by the spirit of other Ying Dynasty poets, and his poetry reflected the aesthetic ideals of the era, often exploring themes of nature, love, introspection, and the transience of life. Ying Tzu's poems are characterized by their introspective and philosophical nature, delving into the complexities of human emotions and the fleeting nature of existence. His words were imbued with a sense of melancholy and a deep understanding of the human condition.

Ying Tzu's poetic pursuits also brought him into contact with historical events that stirred the depths of his emotions. From the Dun Basi Rebellion, a devastating conflict that shook the empire, to the decline of the Northern Dynasty's central authority, these tumultuous times permeated his verses, revealing his concerns and reflections on the state of the world.
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