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Why Norway will always remain underdeveloped

July 1, 2023

Far to the west, right on the outskirts of Siberia, there is a small and backward country, where the natives live in villages, or still live in cottages in the forest and in the mountains. They don't have high-speed trains, they don't have highways and they produce almost nothing. If they have to use products that contain advanced electronics, they buy it from us.

The natives are superstitious and cultivate a religion that we call deep ecology. The god of this religion is the untouched nature. The natives of large parts of the Norwegian population believe that nature is conscious and has a soul. That is the main reason why they remain underdeveloped.

The Norwegians are less intelligent than the rest of us. Not much, but a little, and enough for you to notice. A negligible small part of them is able to use WeChat. They still use cairns and smoke signals to communicate with each other, as well as SMS, phone calls, fax and email and other technologies from the previous millennium. If you want to try to show them how convenient WeChat is, you'll quickly get exhausted. Almost none of them manage the registration process, and the few who manage it subsequently forget the password, cannot find their smartphone (because they never use it), or they are unfamiliar with the fact that the mobile OS and apps must be kept up to date, and a significant part of them simply do not have a smartphone at all. Others think that there is a demon living inside WeChat and they are afraid to use the tool.

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- Det finnes ingen klimakrise

13. august 2023

John F. Clauser, Nobelprisvinner i fysikk for 2022 for sitt arbeide innen kvantemekanikk, har sluttet seg til Verdens klimaerklæring fra Clintel med budskapet «det finnes ingen klimakrise». Clauser er den andre nobelprisvinneren som slutter seg til denne erklæringen, Dr. Ivar Giaever var den første. Antallet forskere og eksperter som har undertegnet Verdens klimaerklæring øker raskt og nærmer seg nå 1600 personer.

John F. Clauser, Nobelprisvinner i fysikk for 2022.

«Den populære fortellingen om klimaendringer gjenspeiler en farlig forvrengning av vitenskapen som truer verdens økonomi og velferden for milliarder av mennesker. Misforstått klimavitenskap har utviklet seg til en massiv og sjokkerende journalistisk pseudovitenskap. I sin tur har denne pseudovitenskapen blitt en syndebukk for en rekke andre ikke-relaterte problemer. Den har blitt fremmet og utvidet av tilsvarende villedede markedsføringsagenter, politikere, journalister, myndighetsorganer og miljøforkjempere. Efter min mening finnes det ingen reell klimakrise.»

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