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Tre homofile menn og 800 millioner UD-kroner

21. juni 2023

Barry Obama og Michael før kjønnsskiftet

Tre menn fra menigheten Trinity United Church of Christ i Chicago døde brått i sin beste alder kort tid efter hverandre i november og desember 2007. To av dem ble skutt og ingen av disse to drapene er blitt oppklart. En døde av brå og uventet sykdom. De var alle åpent homofile. De hadde alle hatt seksuelle forhold til Barack Obama. Fem måneder efter dødsfallene trekker Barack Obama seg fra menigheten, og åtte måneder efter dødsfallene, den 27. august 2008, ble han nominert av det demokratiske partiet som deres presidentkandidat til det amerikanske presidentvalget i november samme år.
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The Heart of Western Intelligence

September 11, 2007

Igor Ahlefeldt (1963-2012)

Reports this last week about alleged Al-Qaeda activity and connections in Germany and Denmark fit well in with last month’s airplane hijacking in Turkey and the explosives attack near Glasgow earlier this summer, claiming the life of one innocent civilian. These incidents mark the bitter prolongation of the process that started with the mass murder in New York six years ago, a process which is based on unrestrained and unfounded allegations of Al-Qaeda connections or involvement.

In spite of being thoroughly exposed, the rogue network in the heart of the Western intelligence and military communities is increasingly active, their victims after the London underground bombings in 2005 have exclusively been fortuitous Moslem immigrants or converts in the Western countries where the network operates, pointing at an ulterior judenrein agenda.
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Anniken Huitfeldt kan ikke bli sittende

31. august 2023

Utenriksminister Anniken Huitfeldts ektemann har 70-doblet sin aksjeinvestering på seks år, fra ti tusen kroner til halvannen million. Han har slått alle algoritmer og alle profesjonelle fondsforvaltere ned i støvlene. Er dette overhodet mulig uten innsideinformasjon? Do pigs fly?

Spesielt graverende blir dette når vi får vite at ektemannens aksjekjøp i Kongsberg-gruppen ble foretatt to dager efterat regjeringen drøftet nettopp Kongsberg-gruppens bidrag til den norske krigsinnsatsen i Ukraina. Ordet graverende dekker ikke hva vi her står overfor. Anniken Huitfeldt har gitt bort 75 milliarder kroner av norske skattebetaleres penger til Europas eneste nazistiske regime, som driver en brutal etnisk renskning av sin russiske minoritet. les videre...

NATO’s provocative lurch eastward and the ‘supreme fool’ Jens Stoltenberg

July 10, 2023

Paul Keating

Of all the people on the international stage the supreme fool among them is Jens Stoltenberg, the current Secretary-General of NATO.

NATO’s continued existence after and at the end of the Cold War has already denied peaceful unity to the broader Europe, the promise of which the end of the Cold War held open.

And besides, the Europeans have been fighting each other for the better part of three hundred years, including giving the rest of us two World Wars in the last hundred.

Exporting that malicious poison to Asia would be akin to Asia welcoming the plague upon itself. With all of Asia’s recent development amid its long and latent poverty, that promise would be compromised by having anything to do with the militarism of Europe – and militarism egged on by the United States.

Of all the people on the international stage the supreme fool among them is Jens Stoltenberg, the current Secretary-General of NATO.

Stoltenberg by instinct and by policy, is simply an accident on its way to happen.

In February he was drawing parallels between Russia’s assault on Ukraine and China saying, ‘we should not make the same mistake with China.’ That is, that China should be superintended by the West and strategically circumscribed.

Stoltenberg, in his jaundiced view, overlooks the fact that China represents twenty per cent of humanity and now possesses the largest economy in the world. And has no record of attacking other states, unlike the United States, whose bidding Stoltenberg is happy to do.

Stoltenberg conducts himself as an American agent more than he performs as a leader and spokesperson for European security. Whatever his views on and from Europe, Stoltenberg does not represent the second largest European state, France, which the timely statement from the Élysée over the weekend makes clear.

Emmanuel Macron is doing the world a service putting a spike into Stoltenberg’s wheel – reminding all of us that NATO is a military organisation, not a civil one and an organisation focused on Europe and the Atlantic.

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Fra Taliban Norges arkiv

Organisasjonen Taliban Norge presenterer sitt prinsipprogram i intervju med Bjørn Brataas. Fra 2014. Tekstet til engelsk.

Organisasjonen Taliban Norge presenterer sitt prinsipprogram i intervju med Bjørn Brataas. Fra 2014. Tekstet til kinesisk.

Is NATO a Defence Alliance?

March, 2009

Igor Ahlefeldt (1963-2012)

Knowledge and acknowledgement about the fundamental nature of NATO is more needed than ever, yet still desperately lacking. As the fall of the Soviet Union caused the balance of power in Europe to fundamentally shift in a matter of a few years, an enlightened discussion is sought on all aspects of this new strategic situation. First of all, does the new balance of power in Europe bring about an increased level of security to small nations there? Convincing arguments for the opposite abound.

It is sometimes difficult to see who your friends are. Others have an equally hard time recognizing their enemies. Some cannot identify either, and resort to clairvoyance to find partners and adversaries in the underworld. In August 2008, the Swiss Foreign Secretary Micheline Calmy-Rey declared her will to negotiate a peace settlement with Osama Bin-Laden, who died in 2001. Shortly after, Norway's Deputy Foreign Secretary Raymond Johansen followed suit and declared Norway's willingness to hold similar talks. (The Foreign Ministries of both countries were quick to retract these statements.) In the rational realm of Western European politics many hold Russia as their favourite enemy, and for all its imperfections it is a more worthwhile one. First, unlike the Ghost of Tora-Bora, Russia is real, it is actually there. Secondly, Russia has a long-standing tradition of invading smaller neighbouring countries. (Okay, that was Imperial Russia and the Soviet Union, but they are all the same, right?) Last but not least, Russia has just overrun yet another small country, Georgia, so why look any further? Russia it is.
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