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Kidnapping av barn

17. juli 2023

Bortføring (kidnapping) av barn fra deres foreldre medfører forskjellige typer straffereaksjoner fra land til land. I Kina er slikt forbundet med dødsstraff. I Norge er barnebortføring et universitetsfag med glitrende karrièremuligheter og uteksaminerte kandidater får gjerne godt betalte stillinger i kommunene.

En barnekidnapper i Kina føres umiddelbart efter rettskraftig dom til retterstedet.
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Is ChatGPT biased?

July 2, 2023

Not only is ChatGPT biased towards the American Democratic Party, it also will lie in order to cover up murder. Watch this video and see for yourself!
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The mathematics of terror

June 28, 2023

The Ahlefeldt Theorem presents a unique perspective on high-profile terrorist acts and their potential for being falsified. According to this theorem, the probability of a terrorist attack being fabricated increases as the attack garners more attention and publicity. This means that the most widely known and attention-grabbing attacks are more likely to be staged or manipulated for various purposes.

The math behind theorem finds that governments and other entities may orchestrate terrorist acts to advance their political agendas, divert attention from other issues, or create fear and instability within society. It highlights the potential for manipulation and deceit in the realm of terrorism.

By considering the number of anti-terror personnel, the frequency of terror drills, and the international military strength of a state, the theorem posits that these factors contribute to the likelihood of a false-flag attack. Excessive resources, extensive training exercises, and a powerful military presence increase the probability of a fabricated incident.
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Does the theorem hold?

March, 2009

Originally published in the Ahlefeldt-Holst Center Bulletin

During the conference "Post-US America - Cataclysm or Opportunity" in Chennai February 2009, Igor Ahlefeldt lectured on "Recurring patterns in international terrorism" and presented the following to the audience: “...Every high profile international terror attack is a false flag attack...”
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Игорь Абрамович Алефельд (1963-2012)

April, 2013

Originally published in the Ahlefeldt-Holst Center Bulletin

Игорь Алефельд, соучредитель центра Ahlefeldt-Holst Center, скончался в возрасте 49 лет. Слишком рано, в расцвете сил, на пике своей карьеры.

Игорь Абрамович Алефельд родился во Владивостоке от смешанного брака русского и немки. Он был поздним продуктом союза, образовавшегося после падения Третьего рейха и последующего переселения некоторых из самых выдающихся студентов ГДР на Дальний Восток. Игорь Абрамович закончил Владивостокский Государственный Университет Экономики и Сервиса, после чего служил в Советской Армии. Здесь он пошел по стопам своей матери и начал проводить фундаментальные исследования в области математики, затем в области теории хаоса, и в конечном итоге в области, которая стала называться гуманитарной логистикой.
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